Anthony Botelho


I am an assistant professor of educational technology and CS education in the School of teaching and Learning at the University of Florida and am also associated with the Institute for Advanced Learning Technologies. My work leverages ideas and methods across multiple fields of study including cognitive psychology, statistics, and machine learning to benefit teachers and students through the development and application of educational technology.

As a researcher, my goal is to impact learning through the blending of learning theory and quantitative methods. My primary lines of research include the study of student cognition, behavior, and affect, identifying effective learning interventions through causal inference, and developing human-in-the-loop systems and tools to support teachers.

As an educator and mentor, my goal is to help students gain practical knowledge and skills that extend to real-world applications. I am proud to promote interdisciplinary collaboration that provide opportunities for students to gain new perspectives in approaching problems. Through this, I believe it is important to facilitate active engagement through feedback and discussion in support of equity and inclusion.